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APPEAL: Would you like to spend more quality time with your kids? Would you like to encourage your child’s imagination? Well, we here at EpiqueOne have put together the complete arts and craft assortment kit for you to accomplish these things with your children and have some of the most fun, memorable and awesome time together.USEFULNESS: Our kit is such an incredible deal for the price with its 750 pieces. Not like those 300 to 500 piece sets. It includes everything you need to do one project after another. Whether DIY projects to kids parties or school activities to church functions. It is just fantastic for your 2-year-olds and upEFFECTIVE: Great gloomy rainy day exciting fun for the kids. It engages your childrens’ creativity and imagination while providing a way for kids ideas to come to life. Develops brain patterning, shape recognition, building, and motor skills just great activity for a child’s growth. Grandparents will love watching them build and create things.DESIGN: The set includes 300 Pom Poms mixed sizes, 100 brightly colored pipe cleaners that will bend into any imaginable creature, 50 Shiny chenille pipe cleaners in neon colors, 150 googly eyes mixed sizes, 50 googly eyes with eyelashes, 50 googly eyes with colored mascara, and 50 googly colored eyes!100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after you use your arts and craft supplies kit and you and your kids are not delighted with how much fun you have along with absolutely loving it we will refund your money. Our world-class EpiqueOne customer service wants you to be SATISFIED with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The 1090 piece pack comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get yours and more for your friends and family TODAY! ★ Introducing EpiqueOne Kids Art And Craft Supplies Assortment Set ★

EpiqueOne is offering this 750 piece kit for school projects, DIY activities, and parties it includes pipe cleaners/chenille, pom poms, & a variety of cool googly eyes

Teachers have told us that our pack is so versatile and there are endless possibilities and ideas to use these items. Their students enjoyed every moment with these craft items. They had absolutely no regrets with this purchase being it is so much less expensive than at craft stores.

Toss those mindless time wasting video games away and make sure to give our creative arts and crafts kit a try.

✔ You will have some of the most fun, memorable and awesome time together with your kids
✔ Good price, great variety, fantastic quality. It has a little of everything, so nothing will be wasted!
✔ It is just tremendous for your 2-year-olds and up
✔ It engages your children’s creativity and imagination while providing a way for kids ideas to come to life
✔ Makes an ideal any occasion or Christmas gift
✔ Grandma just wait and see what your grandkids will make for you and just melt your heart!
✔Love it or your money back. We are confident that you will love your craft pack but if you are not satisfied, our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guaranteed!

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What Is Included:
1. 300 Pom Poms
2. 100 Pipe Cleaners
3. 50 Chenille Stems
4. 150 Googly Eyes
5. 50 Googly Eyes With Eyelashes
6. 50 Googly Eyes with Colored Mascara
7. 50 Googly Colored Eyes!

750 Piece Kids Art & Craft Supplies Assortment Set for School Projects, DIY Activities & Parties, Includes Pipe Cleaners/Chenile, Pom Poms, Googly Eyes, Wiggly Eyes with Lashes (Pack of 750)

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